Accessory Tips: Straight From Office to Out-With-Friends.

Whether or not you’re part of those going back to the office, the world is getting back to the new normal, and you might need to drop by somewhere for work, office, cafe, conference, you name it. 

You want to look nice without sacrificing the comfort you’ve gotten used to in the past couple of years. One sure way to achieve that is by accessorising.

Here are our tips for your statement pieces. Something very you, something you can always wear, and flexible enough to wear straight from work to a date with friends.

Form + Function

The trick to looking professional? Looking put together. This means looking like you cared when you dressed up that morning. Achieve this look with useful accessories.

1.Belts for a polished look.

Cinch your waist and add life to an otherwise plain outfit with a belt. Choose one that complements your outfit or matches your jewellery.

Take note, a thin belt is for accentuating clothing while a thicker belt is a statement piece for maximizing your simple dress or shirt.

2.Watches are a staple.

Whether it’s leather or metal strap or band, a watch is perfect for both office or after work.

A timepiece makes you look more professional because it gives you the impression that you are punctual and time-conscious. At the same time, watches gives your outfit a boost.    

3.Hair scrunchies and claw clips.

Keep your hair from your face with stylish hair ties and clips. Silk scrunchies, scarf scrunchies, and metallic claw clips double as something pretty in your hair.

4.Go for minimalist and classic pieces

Interesting minimalist jewellery take you anywhere– from formal and business casual, to fun occasions!  


5.Pearls are timeless


Venus Pearl Earrings

These earrings are not your simple pearl stud earrings. Aside from being modern and chic, this pair has a removable 18K gold triangle which you can wear in three styles– pair with the pearls in front, attach it on the back lobe or just wear the pearls on their own.

This kind of interchangeable piece serves you different looks for your office wear, hanging out with friends, or just your everyday.

6.Minimalist pieces to look polished without trying

Balance Undine Sapphire Earrings
This delicate pair of earrings feature sapphire gems in an 18K gold triangle. It brings some color to your get up without distracting.

Flaunta Diamond Letter Necklace

Wear a little bit of diamond in this minimalist necklace. With a letter pendant on the side, this is the perfect statement necklace without going over the top. Elegant and effortlessly chic, giving you girl boss vibes!

Energy Bangle PM 
Smart and elegant. This geometric bangle suits your everyday office look and is a fitting accessory for a girls’ night out.

7.Layer responsibly.

Sometimes, it just takes a creative layering to transform your white office shirt to something entirely different. Mix and match clothing pieces and accessories. Just make sure that the layers still make sense and not trying too hard.

Use thin scarves for layering your outfit.

Colourful or printed scarves in chiffon, silk, or polyester fabric are perfect for adding life to a muted or plain pantsuit. And after work, you can use the scarf as a hair tie!

Astraea Bangle

This bangle piece is fit to pair with a metal watch or a leather watch with metal accent.  

Also stylish to wear on its own!

8.Choose your color palette.

The goal is to accessorize without the colors and texture clashing. Mix and match jewellery with gem stones that match or complement your outfit. Or choose some colors that represent your company’s theme!

9.Pick colors that accentuate or complement your outfit

Amphitrite Necklace

This sapphire necklace is fit for both formal and casual occasions and gives a pop of color. Perfect for pairing with greys, black, white, mauve, and other neutral colours usually prescribed for work.

Rhombus Tiger’s Eye Meliae Earring 

This pair of rhombus earrings with tiger’s eye in 18K gold is bold and fierce. An ideal statement piece if you’re working in the creative industry or a workplace where you’re free to express your individuality.

10. Unspoken rules about accessories at the office

These are rules you won’t see in your office’s SOP, but exist nonetheless.

For example, did you know that you shouldn’t exceed more than 3 pieces? We never knew that– we just know it’s too much to wear a necklace, earrings, bangles, a watch, and rings!

So what are these unspoken rules?

Don’t wear oversized jewellery that hinders your tasks.

Cupid Silky Diamond Ring

Aside from looking a little costumey and impractical, big pieces can get in the way.

Go for something not too thin, not too thick. This diamond ring is classy and sophisticated without getting in the way of office work.

Avoid jangles and movement in your accessories

Wearing jewellery or accessories that make sounds as type on your keyboard or as you walk may disturb your officemates. You can still wear layered, lightweight pieces that hardly make a sound.

Athena Five Necklace

This multi-pendant necklace provides some texture without creating noise. Simple but chic.

Styling for work and after work is easy

Wearing and layering accessories is exciting. It helps you express yourself. And now that we’re back to looking professional while working, classic and minimalist designs help you toe the line between office hours and happy hour.
Think you’ve built an eye for office and casual-friendly looks? Check out our collection of jewellery here!

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