Ele4orce Creatives Incubation Foundation

Our Aims

Ele4orce Creatives Incubation Foundation aims to provide creative students and young designers from around universities and collages the opportunity to showcase their work and to be granted the financial support needed for their future career development. The programme is open to all graduates and young creatives and the foundation is committed to advancing the preservation of cultural heritage and the encouragement of creativity by supporting educational, art and cultural institutions dedicated to excellence in design and through the support of education in jewellery design.


Design Briefs

Ele4orce stands for Element Force. The designs of the jewellery pieces shall be highly related to the foundamental elements of our brand concept: The four elements on the Earth – earth, air, fire and water, and their corresponding energy force or frequencies that influences our daily life. Our personalities are influenced by the dominant elements contained within and are also affected by the absent elements. Being equipped with this knowledge, it is possible to transform your weaknesses into strengths, by cultivating the missing elements into your unique personalities.

Be creative and open-minded!


What do we offer

Upon submission of your design portfolio, you might be eligible for this programme if any of your designs were selected by Ele4orce Creatives Incubation Foundation.

You will then be contacted by our team in relation to the offers available at the time. From a once-off grant for your winning design to working with Ele4orce Fine Jewellery as an intern designer or junior designer in-house, depending on your then experience in the relevant field.


– Over the age of 18

– Fresh graduates from universities or art schools

– Majoring in Design, Arts or Fashion


All applicants should submit the artworks to

Please also include the followings for the application;
– Your contact information, i.e. Full name, phone number, email address.
– Your designs: either hand drawings, CAD drawings or others.
– In 500 words or less, how do you understand the concept of Ele4orce and the story of your design.
If you have any questions related to this programme, please send us your inquiries via the above email.

Terms and Conditions

Graduates can submit multiple design applications per academic year. Submitted designs have to be original works of the applicants. By submitting an application, you have certified that the content is original and complete according to the guidelines. Upon submission, you have automatically granted permissions for Ele4orce Creatives Incubation Foundation to: use your name, design and the details of the award, if any, in announcements or articles by Ele4orce Creatives Incubation Foundation on and/or other medias. The winners of the programme will be announced publicly and will be notified via email on a quarterly basis.

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