This collection draws inspiration from Iris, the Greek goddess of rainbows. As a messenger of the gods, she is also associated with good communication and new pursuits. Channeling Iris, we designed these pieces in vibrant colours that will motivate you to express your thoughts and be bold in taking on new ventures.

Like the perfectly complementary colours of the rainbow, this collection features different colours you can mix and match to style and establish elements. The emerald gemstone is a representation for the earth, the ruby for fire, sapphire for water, and black diamonds symbolize space.

Customise these colourful pieces and create your own power with The Kaleid Collection.

Rhombus Mix and Match Elements Collection

Rhombus is the logo of Ele4orce. Composed of a downward triangle (yin) and an upward triangle (yang), rhombus is a symbol of elegant balance. It reminds us of the yin and yang inside our bodies and how these energies influence and interact with the outer world.
This Rhombus collection features dangle earrings you can customize to create your own balance. Mix and match different stones if you like, or wear a favourite pair friends and family will always associate with you.
Available in singles or pairs.  

Reuleaux Interchangeable Element Collection

The Reuleaux triangle is a symbol of stability. In geometry, it’s constructed when circles are drawn on the vertices of an equilateral triangle, forming a shape with constant width no matter how much it is rotated. Because of its versatility, this spherical triangle can be found in many applications in our everyday life.

In this collection, you are in charge of creating your balance. The elements are represented in different reuleaux-shaped gemstones you can switch. Feel free to decide which element you’ll need to manifest or which expresses your mood.

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